F38 Drywall Adhesive, Latex, Tan, 28-oz. Cartridge


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OSI F38 is best suited for bonding gypsum board to wood or metal studs, laminating gypsum board to gypsum board and bonding gypsum board to concrete or block walls. It is widely used in new construction of single-family and multi-family homes, manufactured housing, commercial construction and all remodeling, remedial and renovation projects where drywall or gypsum products are installed. OSI F38 is designed to make installations quick, easy and less costly. When applied as directed, the adhesive combined with the approved mechanical fasteners is the preferred method for permanent, safe installations. It bonds to drywall, paneling, all types of wood trim, plywood, hardboard, OSB, foam board, countertops and similar materials. Do not use for bonding of two non-porous surfaces. Do not use on cement board (Durock(TM)). Not recommended for underwater applications or permanent water immersion. Not recommended for applications requiring temperature resistance greater than 170¡F (77¡C).

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